About Us

Located in the midst of one of New Jersey’s last hunting and fishing strongholds on Rt. 206 in Andover Township, Sussex County; we are open 361 days a year, 78 hours a week.  Tom and Amy Frapaul of Newton, NJ are lifelong residents of Sussex County and are deeply committed to our local community.

Our entire staff is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service through experience in a broad variety of  outdoor interests, with each individual having their specific range of interests.  So whether your interest is archery, bowhunting, deer hunting, turkey hunting, hiking, shooting sports, bass fishing, trout fishing, fly fishing or saltwater fishing; chances are a member of our staff will be able to provide you with recommendations that may increase your odds of success!

We hope to see you soon and remember to stop here; before you head out there!

Thanks again.

Tom, Amy, & Joe

Meet Our Staff

Tom F.

Amy F.

Joe G.

Justin B.

Sal Z.

Korey V.

Brooke W.

Tom P.

Eddie L.

Frank P.

Mark C.

Brett F.